Strong Adventures (s) arises from a passion for discovering new places and a desire to create new experiences that mark great chapters of our life.


How our Adventure started …

The common passion for Nature brought us together and what started as a mere page where we shared some of our most pleasant moments ended up becoming this young protector. We are trained in Interpretation of Nature and Rural Spaces and we decided to make our dream a reality with the creation of our company “Aventuras Forte (s)”, and take each one of you to live passionate and unforgettable adventures.

Our Mission…

Our mission as Superior Technicians of Interpretation of Nature and Rural Spaces is to take us to see beyond the general image, We want you to know the little details that make the Nature that surrounds us Fantastic. We want to show you that little flower hidden in the shade of the tree, that bird that we heard but do not know what it is like, to let you know the beautiful unknown.

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